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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How Five Years Of Marriage Spoils You

It’s always the small details that startle you and bring the reality of a life-defining situation home in a way that the huge and obvious details don’t.

Per and I have discussed and talked over so many ways in which our lives will change tomorrow, after the meeting in court, when we can finally bring William back to the hotel with us, when we can safely answer “yes” instead of “no” to the people we have met here who ask us if we have children, when we have him with us all the time as opposed to two hours a day on week days.

 Even with all this imagining and discussing though, I am pretty sure that reality still hasn’t quite sunk in as evidenced over dinner tonight, when I leaned back in my chair and said “So just think, tomorrow, we have the court date...but then Friday at least we can sleep in as long as we want...that will be sooo good.”

I just hope William gets the memo. ;)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Can you imagine me in court?!

For example, once while driving on country lanes at night with a friend back home, not wearing my seatbelt, I noticed with alarm the flashing lights of a cop car coming up behind us signaling that we pull over. Assuming incorrectly that everything in the world is about me I began to frantically fumble with my belt, unable in my agitation to do it up in the few seconds it took the officer to stride over to our car. In those seconds my life pretty much passed before my eyes, I began to envision all sorts of scenarios, a night in jail...well actually, why stop there...even a life in jail! I started to mumble incoherently to my friend that I would just tell the officer everything, admit to not wearing a seatbelt and take the punishment (which in Canada would amount to a fine, if even that, not jail time just so we’re clear.;). Luckily my friend being more clear headed than I, advised me to shut up and not say a word about the seatbelt which the officer wouldn’t have been able to see on a dark road anyway. I took her advice, beamed charmingly up at the officer and was very much relieved to hear that it wasn’t about my seatbelt at all! In fact, he just wanted to warn us that some criminal had just escaped custody and so to be careful while driving in this area in the dark. *Shakes head* And to think I was worried! ;)

Anyway, yes, me in court. With my quick thinking and collected nature, it’s what I was born to do. We have our court date on Thursday November 5th and though it may not exactly be what I was born to do, I actually do believe it will go smoothly and well. So long as I can remember that we are not actually being accused of anything and thus to try not to break down and confess to any transgressions or crimes. We just have to answer a question or two and hold out our arms and accept the gift of a small boy being given into our care by his mother.

In that moment we become parents. It’s a triumphant day for us. We don’t have to witness the tearing grief of a mother who has just given up her baby, who may, as the nuns told us, many of these brave women do, go back to the convent and weep until they are sick with the sorrow of it all.

November 5th 2009.

Try to imagine us all in court.