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Friday, 8 June 2012


The war within.   These vast, vast spaces.
They can be filled with anything.

I didn't ask for this.
Didn't dare.  Didn't think.
I didn't know
Because no one taught me
That lips were made to whisper lies.

That sometimes the very act of living wounds.

I sometimes see in color.
I always see in words.
Always, always, always always
Always see in words.

They dance around in my head
But they stumble, clumsy, off my tongue.
Like they would like to show me
They can't be trusted.
That I am both more and less
Than they would indicate.

Most life is lived outside
The body
The soul
Outside any real meaning
Life is lived outside
In acquiring
In futility
In emptiness and convention
In the emptiness of convention
And nothing

But my life is often lived within
The confines of my mind
But not of my words
The elastic confines of my thoughts and my being

The vastness
The sheer space
The complexity of life

Rich in my elastic mind.
Sometimes the very act of living restores.

 My lips weren't made to lie.


Brian Miller said...

sometimes the very act of living that is a thought to think on...and some lips surely lie...i am more and less than words indicate, true that too...i like your converse at the end too that living restores...

Rachna said...

Awesome words. Indeed conflict!

Serene McEntyre said...

Oh Colleen! It's so good to "read" you again! I relate to the word issue....I'm a word girl and it's as if they never leave me. A good and not so good thing rolled up into one! I tried to follow your other blog, but it said my invitation expired. Please email me and catch me up on all that's going on. I'm not on FB any more. Big hug to you my sweet friend! ~Serene

Joyful said...

Well written!

mary333 said...

You're back!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!

This is beautiful, Colleen. I've missed your *words* so much.

Are you staying? Please?

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Hi Colleen : ) I missed you!!! Glad you are back and this writing is so well done. The inner struggle is so strong. I know these thoughts.

Grandma K said...

"My life is often lived within the confines of my mind"

I think I relate!

So, so good to 'hear' from you!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hey, Colleen... I'm so happy to see a new post from you. A beautiful one, as always.

So honest, straight from the heart.

Welcome back. You've been missed.


Colleen said...

Thanks you all for stopping by to say hi, especially since I've been gone for what feels like so very long.:)