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Monday, 22 November 2010

In Limbo

In the great scheme of things a camera being broken isn't really worthy of despair, so I won't exaggerate, (you know how I loath exaggeration after all), and say I've been despairing over my lack of photo documentation from the past month, but I have been...I don't know...antsy, fingers itching, going through a photo withdrawal of sorts. William on the other hand, ham though he undeniably is, has seemed to relish waking up without the flash of a camera going off repeatedly in his face. Or it could be he is just grateful for even one month in which his bad hair days (everyday) aren't scrupulously documented and filed away for future blackmail, er, enjoyment I mean.

So William at 17 months is a talkative little thing, never mind that aside from a few words I can't make out what he's trying to say at all. I think they call it baby talk. He adores his daddy. ADORES. Daddy can do no wrong. Everything good has the honor of being called "dada". He also loves the cats who he also calls "dada" as he yanks their tails with joyful abandon. He is quite generous to me in his way, trying to forcibly feed me pieces of lint and cat hair that he finds on the floor. He loves books and the movie Aristocats which I now know off by heart, and his meal of choice is cat food. He is quite funny and terribly dramatic.

(Disclaimer: Although I occasionally do a post on William now and again, I think it's fairly obvious that that this is not a mommy blog. That wasn't my goal when I started it, in fact slacker that I am I had no goal or aspirations at all when I began this blog aside from the therapeutic release of my own feelings in regards to the ups and downs of adoption. I certainly enjoy reading mommy blogs, but it just isn't me I'm afraid. If I'm going to write, I'm going to write my heart and soul and if not that, then I'd prefer not to write at all. And since writing is like a grand affair de coeur for me, I shall do it as I feel so inclined. ;)

So, my husband and I had this plan. When one year had passed, (and it has, incidentally), we would begin a new adoption journey. It would definitely be Sri Lanka again and if on the off chance Sri Lanka wasn't available, we would choose the Philippines. All would be well. Well, all will be well but the best laid plans of mice and men, right? :) We have our papers spread out before us and fresh enthusiasm for the venture ahead but it turns out we must choose a new country. Sri Lanka is presently not accepting new applicants and Norway has stopped (I hope only temporarily?) working with the Philippines.

When our list of possible countries is narrowed down further due to other rules and regulations, the countries that we can choose from are: Ethiopia, China, India, Chili, or Columbia. It is very possible that during the entire process, any of these countries could suddenly refuse to accept new applicants and yet other countries could begin to take in new ones so once again, it's all in God's hands. We have dealt with this before. Last time we had chosen Ethiopia for many months, been approved for it and then at the last minute told we had to choose between Sri Lanka and the Philippines and rather than being an inconvenience, it worked out wonderfully for us.:) So we don't know yet where we will choose. If it were possible we would wait for Sri Lanka to open again but that may be impossible so before we redo our social report and all that jazz, we may need to make a decision here!

Anyhoo, no matter where in the big world Adoption Journey 2 leads our small family, we're up for it! Open hearts, arms and minds and we're just settling in to enjoy the ride. :)


kate said...

dearest colleen, when God closes a door, you know that another one is about to open! I am watching your journey from a distance and know that He is doing something awesome once again in your lives!

Mr and Mrs Lorentzon said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I am so glad you found it!

Would love to e-mail you sometime, what's your address? You could leave a comment again on our blog that I don't publish, containing your e-mail address, if you'd like, that way we could come into contact with each other???


Alicia said...

Goodness his mop of hair is some kindof wonderful! Your disclaimer is perfect, keep sharing the way that you need, that intensity and introspectiveness that you have when you write needs an outlet! & even if you don't intend this to be a mommy blog, it's always great to see bits of your life in that way.
I wish you peace as you start this adoption process again, a journey with a new country.

Pia said...

He he, although I read your blog posts, I hardly ever comment them. I find it hard to match your writing, and I don`t want to leave a comment just saying "cool photo" or "good luck!".
But firts I have to write good luck - wish you all the best on your new adoption process! Just go for it, you know better than many that the way towards your child is long and unpredictable, so just start! Sri Lanka is "your country" now, because that`s the only thing you`ve tried! If you`ll end up going to Ethiopia or India or somewhere else, that will be right for you!
And about cat food - I think it cantains vitamines and proteines and other stuff, so he`ll be fine. I think...

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you will persevere and find a place with a child for you. And I know God is already planning that for you. Someone very special.

Felisol said...

Dear Colleen,
I have to believe that nothing is random in the Kingdom of God.
The Almighty for sure needs willing and loving hearts at his service.
The door He opens will be the one to enter. Somewhere is that next baby waiting to saved and loved by you and your family.
Looking at the happy and harmonic looking William, I know that also the next baby in your life will be carefully chosen by God.
I too feel good, just visiting your blog, where you are sharing from the depth of your heart.
Thanks for being you.

Crown of Beauty said...

I just love this post - the picture, the words, the story... the love with which every line is written.

Oh, and I am so glad that yours is not a mommy blog.

I hope nobody takes offense at me for saying this - but I find mommy blogs boring. Because I was also a mommy of three young children ( a long time ago)... and you and I both know that there is so much more to life as a mommy than just being a mommy!

Cat food... well well... I must agree with one comment here, it's not all that bad. It's got proteins and good stuff in there.

And dramatics...hmmm I get the funny feeling he got it from... you? *grins and nods head*

Oh, and Philippines? That will be an honor. I hope and pray that doors will be open for you here. And if you ever find yourself coming to our islands...please, set aside a day for us to meet.

Blessings on this new journey...


a prairie girl in california said...

Your son. is. totally. enthralling. He is adorable. end of subject. :D

thinking of you on this 'new' journey you are embarking on... God be with you my friend :)

Jamie said...

I am so excited for you and your family. I can't wait to see where God leads you and I look forward to following along as you begin the process... Let me know if you have any questions about Ethiopia :)

Lori said...

Oh Colleen I smiled so big as looked at your adorable little guy...he has the most adorable head of hair...his eye's sparkle and you can tell what a happy boy he is. I really did enjoy hearing about William even if this is not a Mommy blog. Mine isn't either but I sure do talk about my kids an aweful of hard not to sometimes. :)

I am already praying for this next child of yours Colleen. I believe with all my heart that God does have a plan for each of us and He already your little one picked out for you. I know the road may be long and all those hoops to jump through but how exciting...when I read this I did the happy will love a brother or a sister or maybe both? :) Who ever this child is he/she will be very blessed to have you for a well as your husband for a Daddy.

I will continue to pray for all of you as you embark on this journey. Such joy. Sending you hugs and love your way. XX

Colleen said...

Mom, thank you, I totally agree and am so eager to see where He leads us next. It's certainly never boring!!:)

Katie, I will definitely do that! It would be great to get in touch!

Alicia, thank you! And yes, his hair is so wonderfully wild, I love it and secretly envy that.:) I agree, it is I enjoy sharing about William every once in awhile, also for his sake when he's older.

Pia, thank you for reading and for your comment! I do appreciate it and it's nice to hear from you! So true, we better just begin and see what happens and you're right, I think in the end, any country will feel right, after all, it is about the human being and not the place they come from. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks Becky, that thought just amazes me too!

Thank you for your encouraging words Felisol! I also believe nothing is's almost too huge a thought to really grasp, isn't it? SOOOO nice to have you back!!:)

Lidj, Thank you for your kind words...if we are every in the Philippines, I would LOVE to meet with you, I can't imagine how nice that would be!!:)

Jenn, thank you so much! He melts our hearts too!:)

Jamie, I will definitely do that if you don't mind. If we choose Ethiopia, it would be incredible to be able to talk to someone who's already been there...twice!!:)

Lori thank yo so much for sharing in our joy! Please keep praying! We are thrilled about getting a little brother or sister (or as you said...both?!:) for William! It's so exciting and though the journey is hard at times, it is so worth it! By the way, reading about your kids is fascinating, I love it!

Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement!

Mats said...

Hopefully you'll be able to return to Lankan shores...i'm crossing my fingers.

btw: William has fantastic hair - he's a lankran 'fro.. :D ..handsome!


Angela said...

Open hearts, arms and minds and we're just settling in to enjoy the ride. :)

that is beautiful...and William melts my heart girl!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

William is so cute!

I will be praying very much for you during the adoption process. May it go as smoothly as possible!

God bless.

Mariannes blogg said...

Så spennende å starte en adopsjonsprosess igjen! En lillebrøster:))
Selvom du ikke har en mamma blogg, så må jeg si jeg synes det var flott med et mamma/adopsjons innlegg også. Jeg må innrømme at jeg noen ganger tenker på hvor stor William er blitt nå <3
Og så nydelig! Og for et hår! Vi ble rent misunnelige her vi satt og så på det før idag;)
Marius har ikke vært like velsignet på det området;)
Masse lykke til :))

Cheyenne said...

That sweet little boy! Look at his hair! I JUST LOVE IT!

I'll be praying for you in this next chapter in your lives...for the ability to take comfort in the fact that He has it under control.

I love how you write and am enthused to be along on this next journey 'with you.'

Leia said...

Squeee, your son is adorable! Wishing you the best of luck on adoption journey #2!


Leia said...

Squeee, your son is adorable! Wishing you the best of luck on adoption journey #2!


Corinne Rodrigues said...

I absolutely ♥ William! :) I'm praying for your family (and rooting for India!) :))

The Elegant Bohemian said...

What a baby doll! I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a if one possible adoption source is not an option, it just means that another child needs you more. God bless you!!

Toyin O. said...

Hi Colleen,

What a beautiful boy you have, he is so adorable!!! I will be praying for you about your next adoption journey. God will lead to you to the right country and child according to his perfect will and timing.

I just also want to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment. Have a blessed week. Hugs:)


Colleen said...

Mats, doesn't he just? His hair just rocks!:)

Angela, thank you, he's a darling.

Carol, thanks and I appreciate the prayers! We can certainly always use them.

Tusen takk Marianne, ja, eg er enig med deg, av og til er det kjempe kjekt å ha en inlegg om William!:)

Cheyanne and Leia, thank you so much! It's so encouraging to have so many sharing this with us!

Dear Corinne, thank you! And wouldn't India be amazing?:)

Elegant Bohemian, I agree...the where isn't nearly as important as the child itself. God bless!

Toyin, thank you so much for your prayers, they are very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

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