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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Who Will Pay For This Uprooting?

Night seems a good time for confessions.
I'm sure that more secrets have been whispered into the darkness than ever were into the light.

In darkness there are no distractions, we are just essentially ourselves. We are a quiet voice, a searching soul. We hesitantly whisper our feelings, recall things too deep for daylight. We can speak the gut wrenching truth. I wonder if this truth is there, at the core of our beings, always. What we wonder in the darkness, the things that pierce our hearts, the things that haven't healed or been resolved.

Who are we? What do our souls consist of?

Sometimes at night, there is something inside me that cries at the dishonesty and the shallowness of life. Why do we never speak to one another? Why do we never say what needs to be said? Why are we content with so very little from ourselves? Why do we not seek out things that nourish our souls? Why can't we see how fragile we are? How truly beautiful and worthy? Why do we ignore our souls?

Sometimes at night I think about the soft sound of bare feet walking on sun drenched sand. A baby's arms around its mother's neck. I think about the feeling of wondering if I was instrumental in pulling someone's world apart. In my heart I know what we did was the right thing to do, I really do know it...yet I am still sorry in ways I don't understand fully. Not sorry for the result which is pure and beautiful and most definitely right, but sorry for another person's pain. I'm sorry the world is such a mess.

Why are we content with so very little in our lives? What are we sacrificing in order to be so unimaginative, unquestioning, and placidly content? Why is examining our thoughts, minds, lives, actions, and souls not something we do often?

What does it mean to be uprooted? Who is responsible for such things and who will pay?

Sometimes at night I think these things. Then I go to sleep and in the morning they have gone. My thoughts, feelings, and questions...uprooted by the light of day.

When morning dances in dispelling the darkness of night, I gladly meet her there.

Our souls are infinite and vast, they allow for both night and day.


Janet said...

Oh Colleen you are such a beautiful person!

One of my favorite quotes is from Socrates "The unexamined life is not worth living"and I firmly believe that. Why go through life without looking at what you've gone through? People don't reflect anymore. They complain about their current circumstances without looking at all the good things they've gone through in life. They see the bad as exactly that; bad, and not a reason to grow and change or adapt. Every situation in life can make you bitter or better, it is our choice.

Another favorite quote of mine is "tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going." Too many people go through life like tourists and not like travelers. We need to travel through life, accept every situation as a new adventure to overcome and to learn from.

Colleen thank you for sharing that! You put it so beautifully :o)

Love you girl and miss you terribly!!!

Colleen said...

Thank you Janet. I so appreciate hearing from you! The quote from Socrates is exactly right. People should consider, reflect, think, pray, and search for deeper meaning. I think on a whole though, there is nothing in society that promotes this. We are just bombarded by ways to dull our senses and minds.
Thank you for the quotes...I used the idea of one in my post today.:)
Miss you too!!