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Thursday, 22 April 2010

She Rode There In A Tuk Tuk

We don't know the exact moment William entered this world. We don't know what sort of labor or birth his mother had. We don't know what she felt when she held him for the first time.

But 10 months ago today William, (then Darshana), graced this rather shoddy world of ours with his brand new, pure little presence! I wonder how it feels to hold something so fresh in your arms. It must feel like a miracle, like you have just been showered in sparkling must feel like awe and power and weakness all at once.

And 10 months later, here he is. Half way around the world with us, riding in cars with car seats rather than in wildly careening tuk tuks held in someones arms! Beautiful baby...he is growing quickly and already has a fabulous sense of humor and playfulness. He delights in silliness. His eyes are as huge and glossy as ever and he has more hair on his head that I thought possible at such a young age. People are still his favorite things. ;)

He has a lot in store this month...meeting all his Canadian family for the first week!!!! Imagine that! Imagine how incredibly far reaching the absolute joy of our William is! It stretches from Sri Lanka to Norway to Canada!
It makes the world small. It makes the world beautiful for us.

10 months old today. I'm sure we're not the one ones who are thinking about you today, William. Somewhere in Sri Lanka, there's a woman who is remembering that it was 10 months ago today that she held you and kissed you for the first time.

Adoption can bring so many hearts together in hope.


Ine said...

This was beautifully written! Happy ten months, wonderful William!! ♥

KATE said...

This is so beautiful!

Crown of Beauty said...

This is so heartwarming...I'm teary eyed as I write. What a great opportunity adoption brings - to have been chosen! William is fortunate, and so are you.

I have always loved Norway and Canada although I've never been to any of those countries.

Enjoy your vacation!


Colleen said...

Thank you Ine, Mom, and Lidj! We are so blessed and I think it sinks in a little more every day.
Lidj, if you are ever in Norway please let me know! Thanks for your warm wishes and take care!