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Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Really Wasn't All That Dramatic Actually

Do you know what I remember about September 24, 2009?

Waking up to a lovely fall morning, throwing on my old green hoodie (and something else I assume, though I don't recall what), putting the leash on Lily (our dog) to take her for her morning walk, not being able to put my shoe on without untying it first and that little struggle with my shoe just sent me over the edge, into a full blown fit of frustration. I kicked the cement wall in our entry way. I screamed (in vain I might add) at my red running shoe. I opened the door and slammed it again just to hear it rattle and bang. I threw my hands up to my head and began to gulp back big, noisy heaving sobs of irritation and probably more than a touch of self-pity as well. When I caught my breath I brushed the tears roughly off my face and threw a defiant challenge out into the still, sun-dappled air of our little entrance way: "How long are you going to make us wait God?! Huh??!! HOW LONG??" And then I started crying in earnest because it was going to be one of those days. I just knew it.

Then Friday, September 25th rolled around. I woke up and felt better, serene and calm. My husband was going to Aberdeen for a business trip for the weekend but that was alright. I was just reading over my Facebook status' for that day and they were:

6:40 am: Colleen feels happy that it's Friday and positive it's going to be a great weekend even though she is alone until Sunday...that just means lots of hot chocolate, cozy candles, and could be worse!;)

8:30 am: Colleen thinks someone must have been praying for her because she woke up this morning feeling wonderful, full of energy and confidence and the knowledge that everything is in God's hands! Thank you!:)

7:20pm: Colleen heard today that far away in Sri Lanka on June 22, her baby boy was born!

I don't recommend temper tantrums. I certainly don't recommend kicking cement walls. I absolutely don't recommend yelling at God as though He actually owes you an explanation but quite honestly, as far as answers to childish, defiant challenges go, that's really not too shabby.


September 24th, 2009: Feel like I can't take even one more day of uncertainty and waiting without going out of my mind and causing serious damage to myself, my shoe, my rattling front door, my sanity...

September 25th, 2009: God shakes His head, smiles, says "Oh Colleen, I've had this perfectly planned for so long...I haven't forgotten you...just you wait and see what happens today!"


Meg said...

It was sooooo good I had to read it aloud to my husband who had a lovely smile on his face from hearing yet another amazing story of God's grace! Thanks!!

Ine said...

What a wonderful story! Made my eyes teary. :)

Rebecca said...

Wouldn't you just LOVE to read God's "facebook" on the parallel days/hours to your own? His ways are SO much higher than our own!

Glad to have you along on the "climb", by the way!

Colleen said...

Meg thank you for your sweet words my friend! The fact that you even read it aloud to your husband is very flattering!!:)
I'm glad you liked it Ine, did you have days like that too? For me there weren't many but it was getting a bit rough toward the end.
Rebecca, I love the idea of God's Facebook page, thanks for making me smile!:) It's a very good thing has has it all planned so well, even if at times it's hard to see.:)

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-what a moving story, so kind of you to share this!! Thanks also for your lovely comment my dear!!

Janet said...

Praise the Lord for who He is! I'm always in awe before Him what what He does for us, especially when we don't deserve half of what He does for us!

Enjoy your little blessing girl! :o)