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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

When the Sun and Earth Collide

Nostalgia. I woke up this morning to it humming and singing in my mind. All the bits of precious memory that accompany it, the things you swear at the time you won't forget. A voice, a feeling, a scent, a play of light or shadow, a rare moment. The things that leave their mark on you.

We spent five weeks in Sri Lanka and while it wasn't necessarily a vacation, it was probably the journey that so far has made the hugest marks on our hearts and lives. Every day, along with the absolutely unreal beauty of this small island in the Indian Ocean, we were faced with challenges. There were many mornings when we sat over breakfast, smiled at each other and said "We can get through this or that, we've lived through worse things already." It didn't stop the butterflies in our stomachs but along with the challenges, was so much joy. So much. And also along with the butterflies was excitement as well, anticipation, and adventure. I'm sure there is nothing really worth doing that doesn't throw your mind into some sort of turmoil of emotions.:)

Because of this feeling of nostalgia I thought I would do something I never do, add a couple of photos for those who are curious and who haven't seen the absolute legion of them I have posted on facebook. So, here I sit, drinking peppermint tea while William sleeps, trying to avoid looking out the window at the miserable rainy/ snowy/ icy (Yes, all three seem to be possible here in Norway at the same time.:), day and remember warmth of both people and place; beauty and chaos; Colombo where stunning mansions were side by side with bombed out homes and buildings, where the churches were surrounded with cement walls with shards of broken bottles and glass stuck in them, where flowers were fragrant and vibrant; Buddhist temples and shrines; and my own feelings while there as well.

Drinking in the beauty. Trying to make sense of the differences all around me. (Which were numerous and extreme and sometimes mind boggling.) Eating too much fish curry and bakmi goreng and fresh mango. The relaxing of the spirit and body that the tropical warmth inspires. The wonder at seeing elephants and monkeys (and thank the good Lord, no spiders) in the wild. Taking advantage of the moments. Every last one.

So, carpe diem and enjoy.:)