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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

And Then What Happened?

I'm sure that many have you have been biting your nails in suspense, anxiously wondering, so what happened?? Did William end up sleeping in the morning after the hand over in court after all...did he?! So heartless of me to have left that question unanswered for so very long as I am sure it's been first and foremost on your minds all this time. ;)

Well here we are, home for exactly three weeks today and to celebrate we took William to get an obligatory blood test at the hospital which on a 5 month old little person is not the easiest of things to accomplish and definitely not an easy thing to stand by and watch. One of the kind-hearted nurses actually cried and had to find someone else to do the test for her. I also had to have a needle or two myself this morning although no one but myself was moved to tears by that procedure. So both William and I braved the needle\ syringe this fine morning...anyone care to take a wild guess which of us is still whining about it now?;)

Here in the chilly Norwegian winter, it's hard to believe that it was only three weeks ago that we were walking as slowly as we possibly could due to the sweltering heat down Galle Road in Colombo, dodging the crowds with William in our arms and doing some very last minute shopping on our last full day in Sri Lanka. We had planned to go back to the serene beauty of the Mount Lavinia hotel afterward and indulge in a last evening of relaxation before our 12 hour flight with a four and a half month baby that would take us to London. Alas, this relaxation was not to be...

As soon as we arrived back at the hotel we discovered that we had to leave Mount Lavinia (where we'd been for about 4 and a half weeks) in a HUGE hurry...not for any criminal purposes as you may naturally suppose but because they had given our room to someone else on our last night there. So we had about an hour to pack an insane amount of the accumulated aftermath of prolonged travel messily into many bags and suitcases and then we were rushed madly to another hotel in Nagumbo for the night. Far from being the inconvenience it first seemed, it was actually a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to relax, to just take things easy. Nagumbo is an incredible and beautiful beach city and we just sat out on our little hotel terrasse overlooking this indescribably lovely beach, drinking arrack and coke and talking with Mohan well into the warm tropical night.

I feel so appreciative. I think that we were blessed and challenged in so many ways during our stay there. I feel thankful that we had this amazing, life altering opportunity...I know now that I would not have wanted things any other way.

So now we are home again and there is still so much to say. I'm by no means finished.;) But for this time at least, our adoption journey is complete. We did what we set out to do what feels like forever ago now. We watched as over time our feelings, ideas and perceptions; our relationship with each other; and our faith in God changed, grew, and expanded. We noticed and appreciate those who waited with us, not simply for us to be finished and thus to get on with our lives, :) but those whose support, love, interest, questions, and prayers make us so thankful that we are surrounded by love. By family and friends and friends who are family. We are so blessed. Thank God!


SB said...

Thanks for sharing - at last! ;-)
And welcome home. I'm sure I'll be pestering you with a hundred and one questions in due time.

Ine said...

Welcome home - as a family of three! Your life must be turned upside down. :)

I hope you are OK after your date with the needle. ;)

Tamara said...

I've been checking nearly every day since your last post! Definitely long-awaited (but excited you weren't writing too, because it meant you had reached the end of your adoption journey - what a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness! I so love you guys :) Can't wait to see what else you write as your new journey continues :) My friend, the author!

Janet said...

So DID he sleep in the morning after the court hearing? You never did answer that question... I have a nervous twitch in my left eye as a result of sleepless nights wondering.

Colleen said...

Thank you for the warm welcome home!:) As gorgeous as Sri Lanka was we are so happy to be here! Please, just ask away...I'll try to answer anything I can and Ine, I am ok after my needle, thank you.;) Just one thing, in all our weeks in Sri Lanka, I did NOT see a single spider!! Hope you find that encouraging!!:)
Tam, thank you so much, we love you too and can not wait to see you in May! I appreciate that you have been checking up on us and definetly plan to write a long more long rambling entries in time...and what about you my friend? And yes, so true how God is so faithful!

Colleen said...

Hahahaha Janet! I think we posted at the same time, I wasn't just snobbishly ignoring your comment althouugh the though of you having sleepless nights due to such a thing is a slightly amusing who have so little else to worry about!!!;) Anyway, no he did not sleep in. Darn.
Love you Girl! How is South Africa treating you??