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Thursday, 15 October 2009

What I Like...

(Outside the Dambulla Cave Temples in Sri Lanka)

As a child I had a taste for the exotic. I had a pretty sizable doll collection including costumed dolls from almost all corners of the world and the vibrancy of their clothing filled my bedroom. I remember once my dad found me a brightly colored orange and yellow decoration that hung from the ceiling with small bits of mirror adorning several marching elephants on it. And when all the girls in my class bought black glossy purses, mine was made of some ragged velvety material with yet again, a huge bejeweled elephant on it made up of thousands of glittery bits of material and sequins. I think I kind of had a thing for bejeweled elephants... I also liked gypsy earrings that dangled to my shoulders and swishing skirts. Incense and candles and burning sweet grass.

Over time, I slowly gave my doll collection away because I developed a loathing for collecting anything at all as I grew. I still don’t like purses in the traditional sense and only use one when I can’t find a huge bright bag to sling over my shoulders instead. I like big earrings and wild bracelets and I most certainly still like bejeweled elephants and love with unreasonable passion, terracotta plant holders but that has little to do with anything I’m afraid! ;)

These days I like Sri lanka. I like the warmth that seems to ease and relax the general pace of life that we are accustomed to in the western world. I like the color of the saris I see on the streets. I like the heaviness of the flower scented air at the convent when we walk around the gardens with William. I like the coconuts in the palm tress and the stray dogs that sleep at the sides of the busy city streets and the spicy food and fresh fruit. I like a lot of things. I’m kind of charmed you the graciousness of the people we are meeting here and their beautiful, frequent smiles.

It’s been a busy week...we’ve been at the orphanage every morning and it’s an hour there and an hour back to the hotel through the bustling Colombo traffic that consists of everything from expensive cars to three wheel type tuk tuks to mopeds and bikes that weave in and out between the larger methods of transport. The occasional cow rests at the side of the road and people are everywhere, crossing large motorways at random. The drive alone is fascinating! On Tuesday we had a short meeting with the probation officer handling our case but as we have seen is usual here, it was short, sweet and felt more like a social call than business. We were supposed to meet William’s mother on Wednesday but so far we haven’t had the pleasure of doing so for whatever reason. Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we went and explored the busy, busy Per’s insistence of course. ;) While we found tons of amazing bargains at both the House of Fashion and Odel’s Department Store, sadly I found nothing decorated with bejeweled elephants. Ah well, there’s time yet...

Tomorrow we will wake up early and go to the orphanage at 8 instead of 10 and then set out with Mohan and drive to Dambulla and onto Kandy stopping for an elephant ride and exploration of both spice and botanical gardens on the way, then we will explore Kandy and visit an elephant orphanage on the way home on Sunday. So you know what, forget all this “bejeweled” nonsense...I’ll settle instead for the real thing!!!:)

Have a wonderful weekend all!


SB said...

Oh, I love you for writing these travelogues!

Kate said...

And a wonderful weekend to you, too, Colleen! Love MOM!

Ine said...

You write so well, it's like I'm right there with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Colleen, again I repeat I love love love your writings...I will have to start collecting elephant stickers and tropical stickers to have on hand when working on Williams Baby mom shared the pictures you sent with me, and I must say...motherhood and of course fatherhood suits you both to a T. Enjoy your weekend with the elephants! Love and kisses and a great big hug from one mother to another....Judi

Zion said...

Give an elephant a kiss for me - dyk I've never seen an elephant in my life? I've never been to a real zoo or anything like that :/

I like gypsie earrings and huge bracelets as well YAY:)

I used to collect paper napkins, you know the ones with pictures and stuff... also pens and stickers but I don't anymore LOL - I only collect earrings and books now :) LOL

I like to read your blog ;) it's funny and interesting and well written, your writing style is inspiring :)

But I guess this post answers my quiestion about playing cards huh? no time for such things I suppose...

must go and take care of sticky chewing gum fingers - you just wait for those days!!! LOL

Olga Marie og Jan Henrik said...

This is what I tried to explain to u, why I love Asia <3

Have a wonderful time, I`m so glad u write, love to read it.
Think about u all the time, u and little William! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen,
hope you didn`t adopt little elephant. I`m sure it´s sooo cute but maybe not so easy to keep in a Norwegian house or garden ;)
Have fun!!! Marlies

jjdelta said...

Oh those infamous tuk tuks! I've been driven around in those things through the streets of Bangkok - my life flashed before my eyes on several occasions as we swooshed in-between lanes and cars... I imagine Colombo is quite the same.

Don't you just love Asia? The pungent smells on the streets. The air so thick you could eat it. The people so friendly you want to take them home with you. It feels like your sense come alive there bombarded with different smells, sights, colors, tastes - it's like a mega party for your body. I felt alive there like nowhere else, there was so much to take in. Granted I only experienced China and Thailand, but I absolutely loved and cherished my time there in those countries! Thank you Lord for the amazing opportunities You've given me!

Hope you enjoy those elephants! Try to ride on their heads / necks, that makes for a more interesting and fun ride :o) I was given the hook and got to "steer" my own elephant - now THAT was fun!

Love you guys! Have fun!!! :o)

Colleen said...

Thanks a million for the fun comments everyone!:)

Janet, you bet I rode on the elephants neck...oh yes, I am one brave chikita!;) I was also given that hook but until you mentioned it, I had no idea it was for steering...I just kind of sat there and held it aloft like some jungle war princess. But ok, next time i'll know.;)

Marlies, you have no idea how tempting it was to adopt an elephant!!:) Hehe!!

S├Žunn, I love hearing what you like too...actually that would be fun to hear what everybody enjoys.:) As for cards...I'm not really a card person but that's ok.

Judi, I can't wait to see all the fun things you collect for the wonderful album!! How kind of you!!

Thanks to everyone else too...I have to stop being a lazy butt and get writing.;) Look for it soon...