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Saturday, 3 October 2009

It's Berge. Colleen Berge.

Sometimes I wonder if I was cut out for a fast paced life of international intrigue, you know, a sort of dead sophisticated female James Bond type character. Or if I could have made it big in elite criminal circles. The Sicilian Mafia for example. I think everyone wonders these things on occasion. I remain unsure of popular opinion on this matter though, as I dare not create a poll in case it turns out that the majority of people who know me think I am rather more likely cut out to be a raving lunatic of a cat lady, living in a huge rambling house with forty cats and piles of newspapers. Or even just a raving lunatic. No cats necissary. If this is the case, I'd rather be blissfully unaware and reassure myself that I would have excelled at criminal enterprises.

What. On Earth. Is She Talking About. (You may be wondering at this point. If you aren't wondering this, please, for your own sake, start.)

Paint fumes. It's just the paint fumes talking. That and once I get started on writing nonsense, I find it quite difficult to stop which is why in school I was quite brilliant at long, long essays. No matter that I never actually researched anything, it was just a matter of hours before I had spun out several pages of made up information on any given topic.

Now we shall commence with today's business:
It's been a week and one day since our lives were turned upsidedown and inside out with happiness. Nothing is the same. We are not the same. Everyday the thought of travelling to far away Sri Lanka, stepping out of the airport into the sultry tropical heat, being driven through the busy streets of Colombo to the Good Shepard Orphanage, walking through its doors feeling a mixture of elation and fear, meeting William...holding William...everyday, this becomes more real to me. We are the recipiants of so much joy. It has been amazing to see and experience the happiness that others are taking in this as well. That for me, has been the most humbling and wonderful experience. How good people are and I am so thankful to have a chance to witness this, to be reminded of this. Joy is meant to be shared.

The past week has been full of preperations, big and small. We shared our news, we booked our tickets, we dutifully explored Ikea and several other shops, painted the babys room (refer to aforementioned "paint fumes" and hold them responsible for all my nonsense please;), we recieved a lot of cute, tiny second hand baby clothes from generous people, we have laughed a lot and dreamed a lot about the future...

We celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday and it occured to me how very far God has taken us in five years. I would never have guessed as we stood at the alter, all smiles and hope and innocence, where the next five years of life would lead us. I suppose that nobody ever does though and that is both the pleasure and the challenge of marriage. Highs and lows, easy times and hard...but that's not wisdom, that's simply common knowledge. But to reach five years and love each other even more deeply is a beautiful thing. And to reach five years and be able to rejoice with each other and family and friends because after so long our prayers have been answered is a precious thing indeed!


Ine said...

William! What a beautiful name! I love how you write about your expectations for the trip. It brings tears to my eyes to think that you will be holding William in your arms in a matter of days!

I hope that, someday next year, when we both have our children with us, we can meet.

Have an amazing trip, Colleen!

Anonymous said...

The child has a name, Colleen. It`s real!!! :D
Wish you all luck of the world.

kate said...

Please, please, please consider typing all these entries up and submitting them to a publisher just as they are, maybe in 6 months to a years time, because people who don't even know you will be amazed by the jouney you have had...... they will laugh and cry with you, some will be encouraged when maybe they are on the brink of despair! You have a gift, and I don't think any publisher in his right mind would turn you down! You may have a new career!
On another note, I cannot wait to meet my grandson! If I am an amma, what do you call a grandson in icelandic? Katie

kate said...

And what color are you painting his room? Kate

Colleen said...

Thank you Ine and Marlies, yes, William it is!:) It's a special name with a wonderful meaning, "powerful or strong protector"; it was my grandpa's name and great grandfather and my brother's middle name (the list goes on and on...:) and also Per's grandfather's name was Willy, so it's after a lot of very special people as well. Ine, I know we will meet and I really look forward to it...I feel like I know you and Sesselja already!:) I have my fingers crossed that your tildeling comes in no time at all! Is it a wonderful feeling to be next?:) Oh I'm so excited for you!!
Thank you so much mom, or amma if you prefer;), for your compliments. It's so encouraging to hear that...I just know how much it helps me to write what I think and feel. Usually I have no plan...and I discover I feel or think things that I really had no idea of before I wrote it down. It IS therapy! I painted one wll a buttery yello color, I'll take pictures for you, that at least is legal!!:) And I asked Sæunn what "grandson" is in Icelandic...I'll let you know! I think that I am honestly almost as excited for you to meet William as I am to meet him myslf. I thnk you'll have a really special relationship with the little munchkin!:) He'll have no choice but to adore you!!:)

Zion said...

Awww Colleen, I'm so excited for you :) I was going on with my sister just moments ago how thrilled for you I was and she was like Who? and I just couldn't stop... LOL :)

As for the what on earth part...who does it say more about me or you if I was just patiently reading on without even wondering?

And Kate - Colleen asked me about the Icelandic word on my blog and I answered her there but figured I might as well repost that here :)

Ömmustrákur (Amma's boy) is the word my mom uses for Ragnar :) but
Dóttursonur (daughter's son) is the correct term in Icelandic. although if talking about a son's son it would be Sonarsonur and son's daughter would be sonardóttir and daughter's daughter would be dótturdóttir... yes it's not called one of the most complicated languages in the world for nothing ;)

Colleen said...

Zion said:
"As for the what on earth part...who does it say more about me or you if I was just patiently reading on without even wondering?"

HAHAHAHA!!! Oh Sæunn, that made me laugh SO hard!!!:) You are too funny!! Personally I think it's bad news for both of us, me that I even write it and you that you find nothing strange about it!!!! I'm still laughing!! Thank you for making my evening!!:) And most of all, thank you for being so excited for me that you share my news with uninterested people who have no idea who I am!! You rock!!:) (Still laughing...:)

Zion said...

*takes a bow* Thank you Thank you ladies and gentlemen I'll be here all week...

LOL Yeah :) I'm pretty happy for you :) and we should maybe both take a walk with the people in the white smocks(sp?) LOL :)

and btw if you used the baby-proof paint you can't even use that as an excuse ;) but I won't tell anyone ;) LOL

Colleen said...

Haha, no, I think this has to be our little secret Sæunn. The world must never suspect that we'd be better off in straight jackets and padded cells...;)

Zion said...

Yes and this very closed and non-public venue is the very place to speak of such illnatured secrets ;)