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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Butterflies And Wings And Other Perfect Things

It was with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that we arrived in Sri Lanka early Friday morning. Perhaps it was having completed the long journey with relative ease...then again, perhaps it was the joy and plain old sheer fun of taking the bus between terminals 3 and 4 in Heathrow a few more times than was strictly necessary due to helpfully imparted yet faulty information...we’ll never know. ;)

Maybe it was simply stepping out into the luscious heat and warmth that made a very welcome change from the dark, drizzly fall morning we had left behind us at home. Whatever the reason, it felt good to have arrived. It felt good to begin...

First things came first and serious sleep deprivation aside, we were taken directly to the Good Shepard Orphanage, and it is no exaggeration to say that entering the grounds were like entering a vast, quiet, peaceful oasis of calm right in the midst of the unfamiliar chaos of Colombo. After very little time and no fuss or questions, one of the sisters handed us William for the first time. Per held him first and I stood behind him and we both looked down in quiet contemplation and awe at this tiny boy who would be ours, whose picture I had found my eyes straying to every spare moment I had had.

There he was, in the flesh and as we gazed at him with a sort of beatific happiness, he clenched his tiny fists, opened his small mouth and began to wail. And cry. And scream. His small face screwed up with what appeared to be absolute indignation, and if he had been capable I’m positive he would have demanded to know exactly who we are and just how we dared handling him in such a familiar way?! We were left alone with him for the next couple of hours and after a while, he exhausted himself and fell asleep unceremoniously on Per’s lap. Upon waking, his character much improved by sleep and a bottle, he studied us intensely with dark brown eyes and finally deemed us worthy of receiving a few toothless smiles.

So this moment that we had waited for and imagined for months had arrived. When it all comes down to it, I suppose that there is no “proper” way to feel, no proper reactions or emotions. For example, as we drove from the airport to the orphanage, there was no nervousness or fear or wild excitement even. Though it was a joy to finally meet our baby, it was a calm, peaceful happiness, not a giddy hysterical one.

The entire morning had a feeling of unreality about it, almost like moving in a daze...experiencing it from a distance. But please, make no mistake, it was beautiful, memorable and precious, and apparently, on Friday morning at least, the pleasure was all ours. ;)


Olga Marie og Jan Henrik said...

And now I started crying again... ; ) And smiling, of course.
Hope u write a lot while u`re there (even thought it probably is buissy), we`re thinking of u all the time.
Perfect little William <3

SB said...

*sigh* How absolutely lovely.

Zion said...

I'm sitting here with tears of joy sparkling in my eyes seeing in my minds eye the sheer beauty and wonder you just described to me, Congratulations Mommy and Daddy and Son on the beautiful new family you have just become. I can't wait to hear more and see pictures *Hugs* to you all!

Ine said...

I'm so happy for you and William! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, it brought tears to my eyes, and put a smile on my lips. It was beautifully written, and I felt like I was right there with you at the orphanage.

Actually I even caught myself leaning towards the screen as the story progressed, until my nose finally hit the screen at the end of your blogpost. Talk about beeing caught up in the story.. :D

jjdelta said...

I guess the only way to describe how I feel right now is that my heart is swelling with emotion! I am SO happy for you guys! Congratulations doesn't even begin to express what I want to say.

Colleen, I am so happy that you finally get to use your God given talent of being a mother and Per the same to you, to finally be a proud, protective father. I know you guys will make wonderful parents and I can't wait to hear all the stories of you having to wake up at 4 am to feed your little baby... LOL :)

I love you guys and I cannot wait to meet the new little addition to your family!

kate said...

I am crying and don't think I will stop today! Love Kate (MOM, AMMA)

Kate said...

I guess this is a perfect gift, and the best thing that has ever happened to our family on this Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend! All glory to God! Kate

Anonymous said...

I`ve got no words to explain how happy I am for you! And this piece you wrote of meeting him was just perfect! Waiting for new blogs.. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Seems your little boy has character, Mommy! ;)
We are so happy for you two!!!
How long will you stay in Sri Lanka?

Anonymous said...

Oh My, Colleen and Per, I actually wept, tears fell down my face this morning reading your blog. How joyful, oh my. I sobbed and cried with shear joy for you, both of you, and little William. Your writing is so very moving...thank you for sharing your most precious moment with us, with me...praying for the three of you. Such a Happy Thanks Giving. So much to give thanks for. All my love Judi Dudek!

Mary-anne said...

<3 beautiful.

Dawn said...

i will have to echo the tears and smiles. so happy for you guys!

Colleen said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments!! It is absolutely wonderful to sit here reading these and know how much everyone cares! Although from the sounds of it, you've all been crying a good deal more than we have.;)

Marlies, we should be in Sri lanka until early to mid far we have our first court date which is October 30th and from then we will get one more which is the official hand over date so it could be around the first week of November which is ealier than we expected!!

Take care friends and happy belated canadian Thanksgiving to you all!!:)

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of the beauty and mystery of God for making such an amazing family from an assortment of people all over the world! You guys are amazing! And of course I'm crying, too!