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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I was going to write an entry on solace but then didn't have the heart for it so instead found a small poem I wrote when I was 20 that describes to an extent how I feel today as well. I feel generally fine, but I feel in need of peace. Obviously this is a persistent desire throughout life, well, my life at least. For a moment, you grasp it, you experience peace, solace, grace and then, because we live in a spiritually empty and superficial world, it's gone again. The world won't change. I however, hopefully will. Peace is a beautiful thing. I believe that it is found through honest reflection, meditation, prayer, and quiet...and ironically, peace needs to be fought for.  Peace must be actively sought. And our world is so sometimes feels quite disheartening.

In quiet...
Where do you look.
How do you find.

It has come in the evening.
In the drama that ebbs away.

Peace, you say
Is precious.
Peace, you say
You've found.

While I, in realizing I haven't found it,
Feel calmer.
And I
Begin to love and need the feel of the world around me.

(August 2001)

Quote of the day:

"We have no right to ask, when sorrow comes, 'Why did this happen to me?' unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way." Philip S Bernstein


Ine said...

What a beautiful poem! Your writing is amazing. And I absolutely LOVE that quote - it has been somewhat my life motto, without having the words to describe it. But now I do! :)

Judi said...

Loved it. Loved the poem. Thank you...

Colleen said...

Thank you Ine! I understand exactly what you mean about the quote...that's how I felt too! It makes a lot of sense.
And thank you Judi! I really appreciate that! Hope you keep dropping by!:)

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful, Colleena Leena! Kate

Colleen said...

Thank you!

Janet said...

It's a funny concept having to FIGHT for peace but it's so true. Everything worth having needs to be fought for, have you ever noticed that? Whether it's peace, love, friendship, faith, existence... even within the Christian faith there is spiritual warfare - which is a very real war against Satan and against our fleshly desires.

I believe though, that true and everlasting peace is found only in Christ. I've seen so many people searching for peace yet they never find it. There is always this restlessness within them a restlessness that only God can take away. Only through Christ can we experience solace because you know that what you are going through is not in vain, that there is a purpose to it but, not only that, we are not alone in our struggles. That alone, knowing that we have the Maker of the universe on our side, should give us all the peace we need.

That said, beautiful poem Colleen :o)