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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Necissary Evil


I will openly admit that I have never been especially known for my physical bravery in certain situations, for example, anything that takes place at the doctor's office has usually sent me into a mess of  terror. I know this. I anticipate this.  I would like to be able to claim that I left whining and jumping around the room shrieking "No, no, no! Please don't hurt me, I don't want a needle!!" back  in the days of my childhood but sadly, I can make no such claim honestly.

Yesterday after work, Per and I made our first actual, tangible preparation for our inevitable trip to Sri Lanka. Vaccinations. Per has traveled to Asia before so he needed only an update of his Tetnus shot and a new one for Typhoid fever. Where as I needed a Tetnus on one arm, a combination vaccine for Hepatitis A and B on the other and must go back again in a month for a booster shot of the latter and also one against Typhoid fever.

I suppose the feeling of dread that I woke up with yesterday wasn't wholly necessary. I passed the day almost numb with horror at the thought of the atrocities I would have to undergo later. I brought it up quite often in conversation at work so everyone would know and feel very sorry for me. I made it my facebook status. I hyperventilated in the car.

As it turned out, our nurse was a lovely, kind woman from Newfoundland, Canada who reassured me several times that "No, I wasn't a was completely natural to be afraid of needles. In fact, many of the grown men she gives vaccines to are quite terrified as well." So, she gave me both vaccinations and voila! They were done within certainly didn't feel pleasant but it was quick and I smiled at her. No, beamed in fact. Feeling quite pleased with myself and relieved and began to talk about how one can't put a price on health, yes, we may dread vaccines but the alternative? Would I rather die? Certainly not!

Then she began to talk and everything went blurry and I flung myself onto the floor because I could feel I was going to black out and Per's voice and the nurses voice seemed to come from a very great distance and I mumbled in a rush "Just let me lie here. I'll be fine. I'm sorry. (That would be my Canadian side coming out.) I'm such a wimp. I've done this before. I just need to lie down."

I recovered, went back to my seat once again smiling and talkative and then, it happened again.

After the second time, the nurse seemed to be contemplating something and said "You know what? I'm just going to make a note here that next time you get your vaccinations laying down, k?"

(I would just like to point out that there has been one circumstance in my life when I have not been a wimp while at the hospital. 4 years ago I had a spinal tap and honestly, I didn't flinch or faint. I was very calm. It was momentous. Granted I have never dared to look up the actual length of that particular needle but for my own continued sanity, I mustn't. I just know it was very, very, very bloody long.)


Mary-Anne said...

oh my goodness colleen, that is the funniest thing i have ever read. i laughed the whole time. i cant believe you fainted twice! hahahha, that is so good.
but exciting! you are all healthied up for your trip! ahh! yeaaa! you did it!
=D i love you! and miss you!
p.s its your turn to write on inbox!
♥ love you, miss you! see you soon!

Colleen said...

Hehe, glad you enjoyed it Mary! I do hope you realize that when I fainted it was purely a physical effect of the vaccines and not from fear.:) I remember when mom took you to have a needle when you were like 4 and she delighted in telling me that you didn't even I told her, I hope merely to get to the stage where I can stop moaning and whining. I don't think I'll ever be a non-wincing sort of person.:) You are so brave!:) But yeah, it's exciting getting ready for the trip and everything we do is just one more thing to strike off...well...I was going to say list...but we don't have one, still you get the idea! I love you too and can't wait to see you! I wish I could be there for your birthday tomorrow Sweetie! Write you later tonight!

jjdelta said...

LOL! The last vaccination I got was in a pharmacy.... just be happy you had yours in the "comfortable", private chambers of a doctor's office :op

Colleen said...

Well Janet, what I'm actually overjoyed about is that now I don't need another Tetnus shot until I'm 38...that is a terribly cruel and painful vaccination!!:) After all, even grown men faint dead away after that one, right...? Right?
So Janet, what was your last vaccine then? Why did you have to suffer the indignity of having it in a pharmacy? :)

jjdelta said...

Yes the tetanus shot is a vicious one. If I remember correctly I think that my arm was in pain for the following week! Stupid thing!

Why did I go for vaccinations? Well because I went to China and Thailand. What wonderful journeys those turned out to be as I'm sure your trip to Sri Lanka will be memorable... :o)

SB said...

What happened in Italy? And why can't I read the blog entry?

Colleen said...

:) I had second thoughts about it and deleted it, that's all. Maybe I'll put it back up, I really wanted to write it but then I wasn't sure if I really wanted to post it...