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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Taking It In Stride

Throughout the course of my life, I've come to learn that government based bureaucratic systems are often rather tardy.

I try to take this in stride but occasionally for an instant my normally even temper gives out and I rant at my dog Tia about fools who can't do the jobs they've been given...she understands this concept because sometimes we forget to feed her and then I'm sure she feels the same about us.

Over a month ago I handed in our completed adoption file to be sent forward for approval, which in turn takes up to three months. A week ago, my husband called the municipality with a random question and as an afterthought checked to see if our file had got off alright (thinking it had long been sent out). As it turned out they rummaged around a bit and then informed him it was right there but they would do their best to send it out the following week. Maybe.

They did keep their questionable word though. On Friday we got a letter from Child Services (the people who approve us) saying that our criminal record checks would need to be redone and then they would be happy to look at our case...

Delays, though inevitable, can feel so disheartening but I firmly believe there is a reason for each, single thing that happens throughout this process. I know God's hand is in all of this and He is directing it exactly as He wants. I believe if there is a delay, it's because there was meant to be one. Perhaps because had our papers gone through sooner, we would have missed the perfect little child (or children) that are chosen especially for us.


Gina said...

Oh Colleena,
I completely understand, and that has been a most regular topic with so many people I have talked with lately. Everyone seems to be experiencing a backlog of incompetence. Honestly, I think I will write my next blog entry on that. People no longer have any work ethic and take no pride in their jobs. Its the, "whatever you can do to get by and make a quick buck," mentality. Dear friend, I am glad you see the optimism in such a cloud of frustration. Believe me, I do understand completely, but agree with you that God has this situation under complete control. Blessings

Olga Marie og Jan Henrik said...

Dumme dumme saksbehandlere!!! MEEEN det er hopefully fordi dere skal få de barna som er perfekte for dere, som trenger dere, og som vil make ur lifes complete. Vil tro det!!!
*klem og gode ønsker*

Colleen said...

I really appreciate what you wrote Olga Marie and I totally agree! Thank you!:)

Gina said...

If I could read what Olga said, I would agree too.

Mary-Anne said...

that must have been so frustrating!
but i believe you are right and God wanted you to wait a little, obvisouly, for some other reason. :)
It'll come soon!
you and Per are wonderful!
love you!

p.s i cant believe you forget to feed Tia sometimes! i am very disappointed! (not like she would eat it anyways inless the cats were trying to.. ) :)

Colleen said...

Sorry to disappoint you then Mary but I believe in making animals earn their food.:)

Kate said...

Hi there...... how frustrating. I would be pulling my hair out by now. But seriously, if we believe in a God who is in control, a God who has everything planned for us with infinite care, then we know that He has allowed this for a reason! Your child is coming to you! Everything, after all, is in the Lords hands...... Kate

Colleen said...

I've done a bit of hair pulling but not too much!!:) I keep thinking that every day that goes by brings us one day closer to hearing whether we are approved!! We should know by November 19th, if not a bit earlier!
So, regardless of a couple setbacks (which are quite minor actually) it's getting there and I keep thinking we're going to have a lot of fun in the meantime.:)