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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I Believe In The Health Benefits Of Red Wine

July 31, 2008

Now, here is an entry, not only meant to be charming but to impart some real information. You may decide for yourself what is real information and what I merely try to pass off as such.

Toward the end of June, after only two intensive interviews with our social worker, Per and I were given our finished eight page social report to read over in order to see if we agreed with her description of us and our lifestyle. Though it was an odd sensation to see our lives reduced to a strictly factual commentary in the third person, we were impressed with what was written and really felt that we couldn’t have been given a more positive letter of recommendation.

I took exception to only one small detail. When I was being questioned about my views on alcohol, I had said simply what I feel: that though I dislike drunkenness, I have no problem with a glass of wine with dinner or the occasional beer. Somehow this came out in the social report as as "Colleen has a relaxed relationship with alcohol." Maybe this sounds fine in Norwegian, but in English it sounds like an extremely polite ,or depending on the circumstances, humorous, way of saying that this woman is a total, raving drunk! And believe me, that was not the sort of impression I wanted to give whichever person will be deeming us fit or unfit to adopt as you can imagine.

So I mentioned this and it was rewritten in more conventional words. Aside from collecting several documents, our report was ready to be delivered for approval. So I made a doctor’s appointment, managed this time to not faint as I often do while making such visits and collected the official health report that states I can see, hear, do indeed have a heartbeat, and can move my arms and legs. Thank goodness. To see it all in writing helps a lot.

Then I delivered everything to someone who will in turn deliver it to someone else who will see to it that someone else gets our precious papers and voila, we should know within three months whether we will be approved for adoption or not! Please hope and pray with us that we are approved!

Now I have written two entries in one day and judging by my rather sporadic average of entries, if you check back in in three years time, I’ll have written another! :)


dawn said...

colleen, i am always amazed at your talents for writing and expressing yourself in words. thank you for sharing some of your thoughts regarding the whole adoption process. i think of you guys often and pray for you.

Comment by dawn bell

August 2, 2008

meg said...

Honey, I know what you mean! Although our home study did not need to be written….actually they didn’t ask us anything about alcohol…..funny. I’m VERY sure you will be approved, if we were then so can you! You are gonna love been a mom and you will be wonderful!! And of course totally fun! Hope you are well and of course we will pray for you! Love ya!

Comment by meg
August 3, 2008

Colleen said...

Meg, how is it going for you guys, Girl? I’ve been out of touch so long, I have no idea where you are at in your process! I’d love to know more! Take care Friend!

Comment by Colleen
August 3, 2008

mary-anne said...

keep me updated, col. you write so well. i am always impressed and you always make me laugh.
especially paragraph 3…
i love you!

Comment by Mary-Anne
August 7, 2008

Colleen said...

Paragraph 3 wasn’t meant to be amusing.


Comment by Colleen
August 7, 2008

Colleen said...

No seriously, thank you for your compliments! I love you too!

Comment by Colleen
August 7, 2008