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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Group Therapy By Any Other Name...

April 25, 2008

…would unfortunately, still stink.

We gather in a dimly lit hotel lobby, some people clutching plastic cups of coffee as though their lives depended on it. There is the low murmur of voices, stilted conversation, someone laughs loudly then is abruptly silent and through it all, a slight awkward tension prevails.

We gather in a large conference room. To learn. To discuss. To perhaps, if we are lucky, connect with one another. This is not my usual scene, nor I am sure, is it anyone’s, but it is something we must do. Something deemed correct in a world that is becoming more and more uniform in it’s absolute correctness.

We listen to many people share their often heartbreaking stories and the circumstances that led them to choose to adopt a precious child from an unknown land, a child so desired that the obstacles to be overcome become minor when measured against the end result.

What is the end result? Put as simply as possible, it is love. It is the beauty of human life, the beauty of touching and knowing a human soul. It is perhaps recognizing that nothing in this world belongs to us alone anyway and therefore we are so amazingly free.

This weekend, we have the second segment of our adoption course, or as I think of it, group therapy session. I personally don’t enjoy sitting in a circle for hours on end discussing my innermost thoughts, in fact a small part of me views it as an advanced method of psychological torture. But I will do it and try to remember it is one more tiny step in the right direction and someday I will look back and laugh at my needless worry. Or else I won’t be able to recall any of this because I’ll have blocked it from my memory as people occasionally do with traumatic events.;)


Kelly said...

Re: Your Sessions

If I were to create a hell, it sounds like you’ve just had the opportunity to sit through it, Administrator. We used to do something that felt along these lines at PROV. Just having to be a part of this, eventually forced me to stop going, Administrator.

Comment by K.
April 26, 2008

Colleen said...

Administator to mere reader “K”:
I do empathize with you then…I also would have eventually stopped going!:) What did you have to talk about at Prov that deserved sessions of group therapy?

April 26, 2008

K. said...

The mere reader ‘K’ is so that students cannot connect my name to this particular site or my own when they’re googling me, Administrator.

In answer to your question Administrator, they called it “Care Groups,” although I rephrased it into the “Cult of Vulnerability.” The main idea was that people should recognize that they are to make themselves vulnerable to God and others and fully admit their inadequacies so as to highlight the Grace of God.

Of coarse all of this is fine and well, until it is supposed that this must occur every week, in front of all the people who are in the same dorm as you…

Comment by K.

April 26, 2008

Colleen said...

I love the Cult of Vulnerability! I think the whole idea is kind of sketchy…it’s like confession but in front of a large group. Come on, if people wanted to bare their souls, they’d write public blogs!
April 29, 2008